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Cleveland Philanthropy Becomes Infectious During COVID-19


The Greater Cleveland COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund was established on March 18, with corporate and philanthropic partners contributing $3.95 million to the fund. By March 23, the fund had grown by $1.42 million since its launch, totaling more than $5.37 million within the first five days. The Fund, housed at the Cleveland Foundation, was designed to assist nonprofit organizations serving on the front lines of the pandemic. Corporate and philanthropic partners, as well as individual donors across the region, have continued to donate to the fund.

The Fund complements the work of local public health officials and has expanded capacity in addressing all aspects of the coronavirus outbreak. During the Fund’s first phase, partners granted more than $8.6 million to nearly 160 nonprofit groups and organizations within Cuyahoga, Lake, and Geauga counties. On Sept. 1, 2020, a coalition of partners announced the creation of Phase II of the Greater Cleveland COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund, thereby extending the focus of Phase I. Funding will continue to support nonprofit organizations offering community safety nets and working to address the immediate needs of populations left most vulnerable by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For a complete list of funders and information on funding support eligibility, visit Greater Cleveland COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund

To donate to the Fund, please visit


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Matching Grant Promotes Deaf Culture

The Ugly Duckling meets its match…in the form of a matching grant.

Thanks to funding from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center’s SignStage examines the world of the deaf through a theatrical production entitled, The Ugly Duckling Doesn’t Quack.

SignStage’s regular programming offers theatrical classroom workshops that inspire creative thinking and expression. Working with the Deaf and Hearing alike, Artistic Manager, Bill Morgan, combines theatre arts and American Sign Language to education students and audiences about Deaf Culture.

This summer, SignStage launched a public performance of its modified version of The Ugly Duckling. Hosted at the Chagrin Falls Academy for the Performing Arts, audience members were delighted by a highly animated tale of a deaf duckling and the challenges he faces in navigating the hearing world.


In an era of reduced arts funding, Cleveland, OH is fortunate to have Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (CAC). Started in 2006, CAC funds matching grants within Cuyahoga County through monies collected from a tax on tobacco. To date, CAC has invested more than $170 million in over 375 organizations both large and small. As a strong steward of the public’s money, CAC invests more than $15 million annually to bring arts and cultural events to life within the community, making the arts accessible to all.

PJ Wordsmith is proud to announce that Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center received its second CAC grant – stay tuned for the 2019 deaf production of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory to be hosted at the Near West Theatre.

View Full Performance of The Ugly Duckling Doesn’t Quack.


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Funding Missions: Mission Impossible?



Whether your nonprofit’s mission is helping to eradicate poverty, improve neighborhoods, end human trafficking, provide healthcare or shelter homeless pets, securing funding can seem like an impossible mission in today’s economic environment.

To honor nonprofits and the grant proposal writers who work to fuel the organizations doing vital work around the country and internationally, the Grant Professionals Association is hosting their Third Annual International Grant Professionals Day.

Grant Professionals do more than write – they help fund missions. By researching potential funders, connecting nonprofits with foundation officers, developing compelling stories for grant proposals by showing the impact an organization has on society and finally, helping to manage awarded grants, Grant Professionals work behind the scenes of nonprofits everyday to improve local communities and empower local citizens.

It’s Time to Celebrate YOU!

No, it’s not as self-serving as it sounds. It’s about celebrating YOU – the nonprofit, the volunteer, the individual donor, the family and corporate foundations – and yes, the Grant Writers. Without all of YOU – Funding Missions really would be an impossible mission.

So, if you’re a grant writer too – thank you for all you do. If you work within or volunteer for the nonprofit sector – thank you for all you do.

And if you’ve ever benefited from the work of a nonprofit – thank them this Friday, International Grant Professionals Day, because the service they provided to help you through a difficult time was likely to have been funded in part by a grant!

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Increase Your Grant Writing Success Via Organized Communication

Pulling all the elements of a grant proposal together – budgets, letters of support, program details, projections for sustainability, etc. – often requires the commitment of various departments or staff members within your non-profit.

Effective communications between your staff and grant writer are key to a well thought out and organized proposal. When working with a contracted grant writer (outside your organization), open and frequent communication is critical. Setting and meeting deadlines for delivering requested information to your writer is key to a complete and polished final proposal – and helps ensure you’ll meet the grant application deadline.

Communications between your grant team and the grantor shouldn’t be overlooked. Federal and state RFPs usually provide a contact name for questions regarding all aspects of the grant’s requirements, while foundations will offer guidance to ensure your proposal meets their guidelines. As with other forms of fundraising, sometimes all you have to do is ask!

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