Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center

Aquarium Fish Holds Hope for Restoring Hearing

Walk into Dr. Brian McDermott’s research lab at University Hospital and amidst the buzzing sound of fluorescent lights and water pumps that run 24/7, small schools of zebrafish dart back and forth within miniature fish tanks that hang in rows from floor to ceiling.

Members of the minnow family, these tropical Asian freshwater fish are the focus of McDermott’s research. By creating the genetic mutation that results in deafness, he hopes to pinpoint the cause of deafness in humans.

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A Celebration of Success

This July, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Dr. Bernard P. Henri as Executive Director and the 40th Anniversary of Donald H. Messinger as a member of the Board of Directors, Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center will host The Milestones of Success Party at The Cleveland Museum of Art.

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Young Latino Network

Ask Luis Cartagena of the Young Latino Network where Cleveland’s economic future lies, and he’ll point to the work ethnic found among northeast Ohio’s Latino community. Talk with him long enough, and the conversation turns to exports.

Cartagena, who became the organization’s treasurer in 2009, sees YLN as a support system, especially for entrepreneurs. Founded in 2002, the Young Latino Network gives members the opportunity to develop business relationships, find mentors, and volunteer in community projects.

“We want the Young Latino Network to be a pipeline for new leaders,” Cartagena says. Its motto — empowering the Latino community through leadership development and civic engagement — speaks to the future.

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Aespire – NonProfit Websites Designed for Fundraising

Brian Sooy, the president of a Elyria-based design and marketing firm that works exclusively with nonprofits, responds with philanthropic philosophy when asked what inspired him to expand into the nonprofit sector.

“Moving from success to significance,” he says. “It’s about what’s going to be our company’s legacy.”

The expertise provided by Sooy’s firm, Aespire, helps nonprofits, foundations, colleges, and universities advance meaningful causes through engaging stakeholders and fundraising.

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Cleveland GiveCamp 2012

Cleveland GiveCamp is a weekend long event where non-profits benefit from the expertise of the tech community. This year I had the opportunity to donate web content writing services to the following non-profits:

New Avenues to Independence: A non-profit dedicated to providing opportunities for people with disabilities.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio

Holding On To Hope

The sign over the front entranceway to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio reads, “The House That Love Built.”  It’s a sentiment that Angela Jones has come to understand, since she and her family came to stay, just two days after a car accident almost claimed the life of her oldest child, Walter Tates.

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Care Suites Ease Family’s Burden

When Lisa Blind arrived at Nationwide Children’s Hospital this past July, with her two-year-old son, Kenneth, the furthest thought from her mind was where they would stay in the weeks following Kenneth’s bone marrow transplant. Following his diagnosis of neuroblastoma – a malignant tumor, usually characterized by abdominal swelling – Kenneth had previously undergone numerous chemotherapy treatments at Children’s Hospital and was now returning for transplant surgery.

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Habitat for Humanity

Five churches in the Clintonville/Beechwold area recently joined together with Habitat for Humanity to build four new homes in the Milo-Grogan neighborhood.

Founded in 1976, Habitat for Humanity’s approach to providing housing for the needy has been called the theology of the hammer. Volunteers provide the muscle to construct the homes, while donations from individuals, churches and corporations provide the cash for building materials.

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