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Increase Your Grant Writing Success Via Organized Communication

Pulling all the elements of a grant proposal together – budgets, letters of support, program details, projections for sustainability, etc. – often requires the commitment of various departments or staff members within your non-profit.

Effective communications between your staff and grant writer are key to a well thought out and organized proposal. When working with a contracted grant writer (outside your organization), open and frequent communication is critical. Setting and meeting deadlines for delivering requested information to your writer is key to a complete and polished final proposal – and helps ensure you’ll meet the grant application deadline.

Communications between your grant team and the grantor shouldn’t be overlooked. Federal and state RFPs usually provide a contact name for questions regarding all aspects of the grant’s requirements, while foundations will offer guidance to ensure your proposal meets their guidelines. As with other forms of fundraising, sometimes all you have to do is ask!

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