Funding Missions: Mission Impossible?



Whether your nonprofit’s mission is helping to eradicate poverty, improve neighborhoods, end human trafficking, provide healthcare or shelter homeless pets, securing funding can seem like an impossible mission in today’s economic environment.

To honor nonprofits and the grant proposal writers who work to fuel the organizations doing vital work around the country and internationally, the Grant Professionals Association is hosting their Third Annual International Grant Professionals Day.

Grant Professionals do more than write – they help fund missions. By researching potential funders, connecting nonprofits with foundation officers, developing compelling stories for grant proposals by showing the impact an organization has on society and finally, helping to manage awarded grants, Grant Professionals work behind the scenes of nonprofits everyday to improve local communities and empower local citizens.

It’s Time to Celebrate YOU!

No, it’s not as self-serving as it sounds. It’s about celebrating YOU – the nonprofit, the volunteer, the individual donor, the family and corporate foundations – and yes, the Grant Writers. Without all of YOU – Funding Missions really would be an impossible mission.

So, if you’re a grant writer too – thank you for all you do. If you work within or volunteer for the nonprofit sector – thank you for all you do.

And if you’ve ever benefited from the work of a nonprofit – thank them this Friday, International Grant Professionals Day, because the service they provided to help you through a difficult time was likely to have been funded in part by a grant!

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