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Cleveland State University

Office of Research

@CSUresearch is the official research magazine of Cleveland State University. The publication provides an overview of the outstanding scholarship being conducted by faculty and students on campus, as well as the efforts CSU has taken to transfer technology, innovation and knowledge to the marketplace and the broader community.

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Washkewicz College of Engineering

In addition to writing grant proposals for the college, I’ve written and edited the College Magazine for the past two years.

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Lorain County Community College

Serving Returning Veterans is at Root of College’s Beginnings

To paraphrase an adage, to know where you’re going, you have to remember where you’ve been. As Lorain County Community College celebrates its 50th anniversary, the institution looks to its roots.

In 1947, the Truman Commission called for the establishment of community-based colleges, to meet the needs of returning military, who left an agricultural economy and returned home to an industrial economy.

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The Episcopal Diocese of Ohio

Raising Expectations: The Task of St. Peter’s Tutors

The 20-year relationship between St. Peter’s, Lakewood, and Watterson-Lake Elementary School has been less of a planned ministry initiative than it has been a “divine accident” resulting in one of the church’s central community outreach programs, according to the Rev. G. Keith Owen, II, rector of St. Peter’s.

“To work as a tutor is to come face to face with the crisis conditions of the Cleveland Public School system. It can be a very sobering experience,” acknowledged Owen. In a building he characterized as cramped, noisy and deteriorating, dedicated, hard-working teachers struggle to instill knowledge while managing students’ behavioral problems.

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Padua Franciscan High School Alumni Magazine

Dreams Do Come True

Among Jennifer (Melchior ’88) Hansen’s earliest memories is at age four, driving through a snowstorm with her family to see Snow White on the big screen. Today, a figurine of the seven dwarfs sits perched on the bookcase in her office at Radio Disney.

“You wouldn’t say I was fanatical about Disney as a child, but I am now. I love what I do here,” Hansen said. And her career path is evidence of that, having been promoted this year from executive director of sales to vice president of ad sales.

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A Case for Doing Right & Giving Back

In what may be the most publicized legal case Cleveland has seen since the Sam Sheppard trial, Antoinette (Thomas) Bacon ’93 recently became the focus of public attention as the lead prosecutor for the Jimmy Dimora trial. Yet, as the Assistant U.S. Attorney tasked with convicting the former Cuyahoga County commissioner on racketeering charges, Toni remains self-effacing.

Whether she’s prosecuting white-collar criminals or teaching children to swim, Toni remains true to lessons she learned in Key Club at Padua. “It’s all about what you can do to take the talents God gave you and use them to serve others,” she says. The high expectations and strong work ethics she has set for herself are reflected in the public service she has chosen as her profession, as well as in her time spent volunteering.

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The Ohio State University Alumni Magazine

Thomas Friedman Receives Fisher Prize

Global warming, the rise of middle class economies worldwide and overpopulation have converged to make our planet unstable and unsustainable – in other words, “hot, flat and crowded.”

That’s the message foreign affairs columnist Thomas L. Friedman brought to a capacity crowd at Mershon Auditorium during the awarding of the 2008 Fisher Prize on Sept. 24.

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Island Time

In the late 1990s, Claire Robertson was looking at the Caribbean island of St. Lucia as a potential vacation spot. What she discovered was a country rich in African heritage that would become her next research project.

Robertson, a professor of history and women’s studies, took a nine-month sabbatical from 2002 to 2003 to research St. Lucia’s oral histories. Through her project, Preserving the Past to Inspire the Future, she hopes to provide future generations with both an individual and a collective sense of identity.

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